“Take care of us:’ City workers call for pay increases

CHARLOTTE — With passionate pleas, more than a dozen city workers, many of them hourly, called on the Charlotte City Council to increase their pay in the fiscal year 2024 budget.

“I can’t stand that I go home on Fridays when everybody is excited and I am miserable because I got to figure out what to do to make it to Monday,” said Rory Pegram, with Solid Waste Services

That home for Pegram is a hotel. As he spoke, he held a “Charlotte Observer” article profiling his dream of homeownership. A dream that he says seems far away.

“I am under bridges cleaning homeless tents, doing hazardous works, doing two to three jobs today and then I go get my paycheck at night on Fridays and I am at home and I am crying,” he said.

City workers held a rally in Marshall Park Monday afternoon before marching to the Government Center to demand a 12% raise. That’s double what’s currently on the table.

“We work in the summer when it is hot. The winter when it is cold and when it is raining,” said Kevin, with Solid Waste Services. “A little respect on that part alone is due.”

The Charlotte City Council will discuss the budget and possible changes to it on Thursday.

Pegram hopes they keep workers in mind

“Take care of us,” he said.

VIDEO: Charlotte’s proposed $3.3B budget calls for pay increase for employees, police

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