York County deputies warn parents of TikTok trend encouraging kids to run away from home

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — York County deputies said they are trying to find two runaways, while warning parents of a TikTok trend that could entice others to run away, as well.

One of the teens left his Fort Mill home Friday night and his family is concerned.

“We’re hurting all the way to the core,” said Chris Blanton, Trenton Blanton’s father.

Trenton Blanton has not been seen since Friday, his family said.

The York County Sheriff’s Office said the teen could still be in the area or on the way to visit his biological mom in Columbia.

“I think the point was he didn’t want to be here anymore,” said Deputy Trent Faris, with the York County Sheriff’s Office. “He didn’t want to be around the house anymore.”

Deputies are also searching for Estela Bailey, 16, of Rock Hill, whom they said ran away Monday.

The trend is for a runaway teen to get likes on the social media platform as the community searches for them, Faris said.

Deputies have no reason to believe that the two runaways are in danger due to the challenge.

However, Faris wants people to know about the TikTok trend.

“Parents, be aware of what your kids are doing on social media,” Faris said. “Be aware and have conversations with your kids. Make sure they know running away is not the answer. You can talk through these situations.”

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