‘Nothing funny about that’: Video shows child forced to chase school bus

CHARLOTTE — A video sent to Channel 9 shows a child chasing a school bus while the bus driver drives away.

It appears the bus driver recorded the entire thing and then posted it on Snapchat.

“That’s not acceptable what you just showed to me and it’s very potentially dangerous,” former bus driver Terri Anderson said. “That shouldn’t happen because the safety of the kids is very important and I would hate it if that was my daughter.”

(WATCH the video below)

A concerned viewer sent Channel 9 the video and said the driver works for UpRoar Leadership Academy, a charter school off North Tryon Street off Old Concord Road.

The video shows a student running alongside a school bus and the bus not stopping. The video seems to be taken from the point of view of the bus driver, who can be heard laughing as the child runs.

“That’s pretty bad because anything could have happened in a split second and there was nothing funny about that. That’s somebody’s child,” Anderson said.

Channel 9 reached out to UpRoar Leadership Academy and received the following message:

“The conduct displayed on the video has been investigated and is not consistent with the schools expectation. We have taken action to ensure such conduct does not happen again. To ensure the safety of our scholars, our transportation department will participate in a safety training and review guidelines set forth by the State of North Carolina. The safety of our scholars is important to us and we are taking the necessary measures to prevent this occurring again.”

In a follow-up email, UpRoar said that the bus driver was fired on Tuesday.