‘There’s a crying need’: Charlotte YWCA to build new affordable housing for community

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There’s a bit of hope for some of the tens of thousands of families in Charlotte who simply can’t afford to live in the area.

The YWCA Central Carolinas said it will soon be clearly space in its own backyard to give struggling families a home -- they will be building an apartment community on their Park Road campus.

For years, the organization used the space for parking, but it will be used for well-maintained and affordable housing.

“There is a crying need and there is something we can do about it,” YWCA CEO Kirsten Sikkelee said.

Sikkelee said they have an advantage because they were donated the land in the 60s. Currently, the property houses 66 women and 10 families in Section 8 townhomes.

The current plan is for 104 apartments for families earning between 30 percent and 60 percent of the area median income.

The development will take up about one-third of the nearly 10-acre campus. The YWCA said they still need to rezone the property, but they expect families will be able to move in as early as 2023.

One woman who spoke to Channel 9 said she currently lives at the YWCA as part of their “Women in Transition” program. Rent is as low as $310 a month to give women like her time to get into stable and affordable housing.

“You got a one to two year wait-list, so it’s kind of like you hoping something will happen before move out of here,” the woman said.

The Charlotte City Council wants the state to help offer more affordable housing incentives.

The council will vote on its priorities for state lawmakers. This includes asking for clarity on state laws related to affordable housing.

It’s so local governments can do more to help people who can’t afford the rising costs of living in their own neighborhood.

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