Which states have the best and worst drivers in America?

CHARLOTTE — The argument over which state or city has the worst drivers has been going on for decades, but a new study is ranking the best and worst drivers in the country.

LendingTree used recent insurance data to look at the number of “driving incidents” in every state and then ranked the best to worst by which states had the most driving incidents per 1,000 people. The analysis classifies a “driving incident” as either an accident, DUI, speeding-related incident, or a citation.

Based on that data, Michigan came out on top with the best drivers (or at least the ones the best at hiding their mistakes from their insurance companies.)

The list of states from best drivers to worst is below:

Having more driving incidents in your state can have a big hit on your wallet, since that’s a factor in how insurance companies set their rates.

North Carolina ranked in the top 10 for most driving incidents, and 9 Investigates found that reckless driving in Charlotte had been on the rise in recent years.

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