• Thieves steal $3,000 of gasoline from local gas station

    By: Trish Williford


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg detectives say thieves stole more than $3,000 worth of premium gas from at least two gas stations in the past week.

    The thieves used an organized system to get away with it.

    Young Lim has operated the Gas and Go gas station in South Charlotte for years and he says he never has he seen anything quite like this.

    Over the weekend, thieves stole more than 800 gallons of premium gasoline and store employees didn't even realize the crime was happening.

    According to Lim, that plan was captured on his store surveillance camera.

    The driver of a red Ford Explorer pulled up to a pump, the farthest from the store's entrance.

    The SUV sits there for 20 minutes, according to the time on the camera.

    Lim believes during this time, the driver is disabling the inside of the pump.

    Lim says once the cap is removed from the inside, the gas flows freely.

    In the surveillance video, there are several vehicles, including a black SUV, that are pulled up to the various pumps.

    Lim believes they're trying to block the clerk's view while all of them steal the gas.

    "I have no idea why they're doing it but it is devastating to my business," says Lim.

    CMPD says thieves also hit the Circle K on the Plaza, stealing $500 worth of gas.

    Police are not sure if the crimes are connected.

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