Hayes Grier's family discusses his childhood, rise to fame

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — While Hayes Grier is dancing with the stars in Los Angeles, his father Chad Grier and stepmother Nila in Charlotte feel like it was just yesterday that all three Grier brothers were still young boys playing around the house.

“Life got different for us pretty fast. Seems like yesterday they were on that computer right there making funny videos for us and being silly around the house,” Chad Grier said.

Being silly in videos launched Nash and Hayes, the two youngest into fame on social media.

The oldest son, Will, is a quarterback at the University of Florida.

Hayes grew up around football. His dad is a coach. The boys played, but his stepmom said he wasn’t always outgoing.

“He would hide behind Chad if we were at a game with the other boys, so to see him come out of his shell is incredible,” Nila Grier said.

With Hayes in Los Angeles and his brother Nash pursuing an acting career, Chad Grier has to fly cross-country for a family dinner.

“I went to LA and had lunch with them, Chipotle, with plastic forks and spoons,” he said.

Chad Griers said Hayes wasn’t sure he would try “Dancing with the Stars.”

“He was reticent, it wasn’t like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to do this.’ He wasn’t sure he could do it. He was nervous and didn’t know if he could do it,” Chad Grier said.

The 15-year-old is doing it while also taking three hours of school lessons each day.

Chad Grier talks to him most days and they text each other too.

He's not sure his son will win, but he said that's not the point.

“If he wins great for him, but the bigger thing is to use this to fulfill dreams and goals,” Chad Grier said.

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