82-year-old seeking directions is struck and killed on I-85, troopers say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Many commuters witnessed an 82-year-old man being struck and killed by a vehicle Tuesday morning as he ran across Interstate 85 near the Glenwood Drive exit.

Channel 9 learned the man and his wife were traveling from Inman, South Carolina, where they had been visiting family, and going back home to New York.

They got lost and stopped on the northbound shoulder to try to figure out where they were.

Troopers said the man told his wife he was going to get directions.

Motorist Devante Kelly witnessed the incident.

"He just ran across the road -- ran across the road, without hesitation," Kelly said.

Troopers said the man crossed the entire eight-lane highway to reach a Department of Transportation worker he had spotted on a lawn mower to ask the worker for directions.

The worker was too far away by the time he crossed, so he turned around to go back to his car.

He ran across three lanes of traffic before being hit near the concrete median wall.

Trooper Ray Pierce said the woman who hit him was driving to work and didn't see the man.

"Obviously, they're shook up,” Pierce said. “Any time something happens, it takes a toll on the driver also.”

Traffic slowed while crews were attempting CPR in the roadway.

Troopers said the man was dead on impact.

The man’s name has not been released.

No charges will be filed against the woman who was driving the car that hit him.