Tyber Creek Pub gears up for final St. Patrick’s Day at South End home

CHARLOTTE — Tyber Creek Pub will have one last St. Patrick’s Day in its longtime home on the edge of South End and Dilworth — but there’s a 60-day clock ticking on its future there. The popular Irish pub’s last day of operation in its South Boulevard building will be March 18.

“What bigger party is there to celebrate the last 25 years than St. Patrick’s Day?” says co-owner Maynard Goble. “For an Irish pub, there’s nothing better than to have that celebration on that weekend.”

Maynard, Tommy Timmins and Kevin Devin launched that neighborhood pub in 1999. It has become a mainstay of South End and the community. Now, they will shutter the original location just shy of 25 years in operation.

“The building will go away, but the soul will continue,” Timmins says.

Tyber Creek has secured a 4,500-square-foot, street-level space in commercial developer Southern Land Co.’s mixed-use, high-rise building planned for the same site.

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