‘Ultimate Dinosaurs’ coming to Discovery Place Science

CHARLOTTE — Prehistoric creatures from the other side of the world will meet 21st century technology in the newest large-scale exhibition opening at Discovery Place Science this summer.

“Ultimate Dinosaurs” opens on June 21 and features 16 fully articulated dinosaur specimens from the Southern Hemisphere revealing a breed of dinosaurs, unfamiliar to most North Americans, that evolved in isolation in South America, Africa, and Madagascar.

“‘Ultimate Dinosaurs’ isn’t your typical dinosaur exhibition,” Discovery Place’s Chief Science Officer Heather Norton said in a news release. “Through augmented reality, history and science are brought to life to give guests a unique perspective on these rarely seen specimens.”

The exhibition tells the story of the breakup of supercontinent Pangea into the continents that we know today and the ways that continental drift affected the evolution of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era 250-65 million years ago. Some of the dinosaurs featured in the exhibition include the Eoraptor, Malawisaurus, Suchomimus, Majungasaurus, Rapetosaurus, Amargasaurus, and Giganotosaurus.

“Ultimate Dinosaurs” will be on exhibition from June 21 through Sept. 8. Entrance to the exhibition is included with admission to the museum.

For more information or to purchase tickets, go to discoveryplace.org.

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