UNC Charlotte soccer coach named Charlotte FC honorary captain

CHARLOTTE — After two weeks on the road, Charlotte FC picked up their second win of the season this weekend. They won 2-0 over Columbus.

A celebration wasn’t only fitting after the final whistle, but before kickoff as well. The club welcomed Charlotte 49ers women’s soccer coach Brandi Fontaine as their honorary captain, celebrating her love for soccer and for her family.

Fontaine is a coach, a wife, a mom, and a caregiver.

“I think we’ve always known we were going to be the ones to take care of [my in-laws],” she said.

“I think the one thing we didn’t know is it would be happening at the same time,” she added.

Fontaine was named Charlotte FC’s honorary captain.

>> How she’s inspiring people on and off the field, in the video at the top of the page.

(WATCH BELOW: Charlotte FC wins first regular season game, remains undefeated under new coach)

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