UNCLAIMED CASH: Hundreds of millions of dollars are waiting, is some of it yours?

CHARLOTTE — Everyone is looking for extra cash and for some, it may be sitting just a few clicks away.

It’s free money and there’s no catch.

Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke has reported on this before, but now more than ever, it can help you if you’re worried about controlling your costs.

There is more than $900 million in unclaimed cash that North Carolina is holding for people for various reasons and about $750 million in South Carolina.

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State treasurers oversee unclaimed cash and said North Carolina holds $919 million, including $200 million in Mecklenburg County.

“People should go to NCCash.com and look up their name, maiden [name], kids, parents, grandparents, church,” said Dale Folwell, North Carolina treasurer. “(About) $1 million belongs to churches, their nonprofit. There are 63 Rotary Clubs that have money at NCCash.com, as well as their business.”

South Carolina’s treasurer said that his state had $750 million in unclaimed cash, including more than $35 million in Chester, Lancaster, and York Counties.

“It can be your water deposit from a house that you forgot to collect,” said Curtis Loftis Jr., South Carolina treasurer. “Or when you left college, that you may have sold some books and they were supposed to send you a check. It’s all that kind of thing. It’s old bank accounts, tax refunds and things.”


Lisa Williams told Channel 9 the state sent her a letter out of the blue.

“Of course, my first thought was ‘how much money do I owe the state?’” she said.

Then she got suspicious that it may be a scam, so she contacted Action 9.

The letter was legit. The state was holding $3,500 for Williams, no strings attached.

“It’s just a blessing,” Williams said. “A blessing, because I’m like everybody else, I have bills to pay. (The) car has been in the shop. I have medical bills, so it’s really coming at a wonderful time.”

Williams wants everyone to know about cash that could be waiting on them.

“And I urge everybody to go on the website and see if they find their name,” she said. “They can have money that they don’t know about.”

Just go to these websites and search to see if you have money.

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