Union County says student-athletes must play on teams consistent with gender on birth certificate

MONROE, N.C. — The Union County School Board added a rule Tuesday night regarding sports.

Anyone taking part in high school athletics can only be on a team consistent with the gender on that student’s birth certificate. That will be the rule “unless otherwise permitted under the NCHSAA rules and regulations.”

NCHSAA rules and regulations say students who are transgender can participate in sports consistent with their gender identity, but there is a process to it.

“The member school will submit a Gender Identity Request Form on behalf of the student, prior to playing on a team consistent with their gender identity,” NCHSAA says. “The Request should be based on the gender identification of that student through daily life activities in the school and community.  Additional documentation may be included, such as a list of medications, written documentation by an appropriate health care profession, etc.

“The NCHSAA Staff will refer to the Gender Identity Request to the NCHSAA Gender Identity Committee for consideration and determination of the student’s eligibility.  The Committee will approve the Request if it finds that the student genuinely identifies as the gender indicated in the Request. The NCHSAA Staff will notify the school of the committee’s determination.”

The district also approved new measures regarding student groups in secondary school.

Those groups will be allowed meet on school grounds when class isn’t in session regardless of the content and they can’t interfere with educational activities.

School employees can’t lead, promote, or participate, but can attend the meetings to protect students and faculty.

People who aren’t employees can’t conduct or regularly attend the groups.

The board also approved more than $19 million in capital improvements, including renovations and HVAC upgrades.

Bonuses for recruiting and retaining teachers were approved.

Some teachers at east Union Middle School and Monroe and Forest Hills high schools could qualify for $4,000.

Teachers at Monroe Middle School could get $5,500.

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