Unsolved murders at bottling company still mystery 6 years later

CONCORD, N.C. — Friday marks the six-year anniversary of unsolved murders in Concord.
In 2008, someone walked into the Sun Drop Bottling Company and killed two people.
The person shot and killed Donna Barnhardt and Darrell Noles.  Barnhardt was a longtime employee, and Noles was applying for a job.  No one witnessed the crime and police never made an arrest.
Channel 9 talked with family members who are still hopeful investigators will solve this crime.  Rebecca Valentine was full of emotion as she reflected on the shooting that killed her mother.
"It is very hurtful that somebody's been able to get away with this for six years," said Valentine. "We had been there that week every morning having breakfast with her, and we were supposed to be here that morning."
Concord police told us they are still working on this case, and they are constantly getting new tips.  Guy Smith, Concord police chief, said they've re-interviewed several people and have followed leads that have led them out of the city and out of the state.
"There's a lot of stuff that we're following up on right now and we believed we'll solve this case," said Smith.
 Valentine and her family are holding onto hope.  They want the shooter to have a change of heart.
"Be a man … you weren't a man six years ago … be a man today and give some peace to the families," said Valentine.
Officers made a sketch of the gunman shortly after that shooting.  They're offering an $85,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.  If you know anything, call Concord Police.