Man was inside 7-Eleven bathroom for hours before he was shot to death, witnesses say

CONCORD, N.C. — Concord police say a 7-Eleven clerk shot and killed a man Wednesday morning after an argument in the store off Ellenwood and Harris roads near the Concord-Huntersville line.

Witnesses told officers that Michael Pride was in the store’s bathroom for several hours.

Someone asked Pride to leave the store, then he got into an argument with a clerk, police said.

The clerk, Salverio Campagna, shot and killed Pride outside the store, officers said.

“I don’t understand the why, why this happened,” said Kacie Allen-Pride, the victim’s wife. “I don’t think it needed it happen. It didn’t need to happen, and he didn’t deserve that.

It’s startling news for shoppers nearby.

“It’s weird they were in the bathroom for a couple of hours,” said Taylor Mathis, a customer. “I’m not excusing that. You can’t shoot nobody for that.”

“It is crazy to hear that that happened,” said Daquan Robinson, another customer. “But you have the right to bear arms.”

Campagna is charged with murder.

He’s being held at the Cabarrus County jail without bond.

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