WARNING GRAPHIC: Boy’s face slashed with razor after fight at middle school

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A boy’s face was slashed with a razor after a fight at a Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, police said.

Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon spoke to the boy’s mom, who said her 15-year-old son had to get 27 stitches.

A family member translated for her.

“I don’t have no words to explain," said the eighth grader’s mother, Marina Pineda.

Pineda said her son, Angel, and another student got into a fight off-campus Jan. 10.

On Thursday morning, she said both students began shoving each other while on campus when the other middle schooler pulled out a razor.

Pineda said teachers brought Angel to her at work when they had trouble reaching her by phone. Doctors had already treated him.

According to Pineda, a teacher told her one cut came within an inch of an artery in his throat,

“I think that’s what they wanted to do was kill him because the way they cut him," Pineda said.

She said Angel loves school and looks forward to going each day, but said he wanted to stay home Thursday.

“He was telling me yesterday that he didn’t want to go to school, but I made him go to school," Pineda said.

She said she believes her son knew the other student wanted to do something to him but said he is not talking about what happened on campus.

Pineda said her son doesn’t want to go back to school. She said he shouldn’t have to worry, that the other student should be forced to leave. No one should have a weapon on campus, Pineda said.

“Today it’s Angel and later they are not going to do anything about it. It’s going to be somebody else’s kid. And the other kid, they might kill," said Pineda.

Both students were charged for the incident.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg school officials told Channel 9 that any student in violation of the Student Code of Conduct would be disciplined according to it.

Police have also been investigating the incident, but usually do not release much information when a juvenile is involved.

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