• Mountain Island Lake residents return home to assess flood damage

    By: Torie Wells


    MOUNTAIN ISLAND LAKE, N.C. - Residents in northwest Charlotte are coming home to look at the damage left by the Catawba River Basin’s rising waters.

    Some people are still without electricity.

    It has dried out compared to Tuesday at the same time.

    Water is still covering parts of Riverside Drive, but it is at least drivable.

    And for people and crews headed to the neighborhood Wednesday, it’s all about cleanup.

    Duke Energy crews were out around 8 a.m. to determine which houses can get power back.

    Officials have been going door-to-door accessing the damage.

    Some people who came back to their homes found their cars stuck in the mud.

    Others found their yards, patios and garages damaged.

    One of the neighbors said it was a miracle her home wasn’t flooded.

    “When we left here, the water was up to here. It was like a swimming pool and the front was like that and then our next door neighbor was, I mean, it was really bad,” said resident Ruby Retera.

    Even though parts of the roads are clear there is still a significant amount of flooding.

    Residents are hoping the rain stays away long enough for the water to clear out.

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