‘We deserve answers’: Family desperate to find missing Belmont man; car found abandoned in Monroe

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — Family members of a missing Belmont man are desperate for answers after he mysteriously disappeared.

Just after midnight on Sunday, Andy Tench left the family home; the next day, police found his abandoned car in Monroe.

Tench’s phone, wallet, and car keys still have not been found. Police in Gaston County are working to access his phone records to understand why he vanished and where he might be now.

“We deserve answers,” his sister, Natasha Newman, said.

Sunday was Tench’s 31st birthday. He asked his mom to go to Charlotte Pool Hall to celebrate, but she told him she was too tired.

“I wish I would have gone with him, and maybe he would be home now,” Tracie Blanton said.

Tench never returned from the pool hall and didn’t make it to work the next day. Officers found his car on Highway 74, more than 35 miles from the family home. The blinkers were still on, but the keys were nowhere to be found.

“My heart dropped,” his mother said.

Newman visited the towing company and said there were signs someone else had been in her brother’s car. His mother said Tench would never just leave his car somewhere like that.

It’s been four days since Blanton’s son vanished with no answers or clues.

“I’m not sleeping. Every time I hear a car noise, I’m jumping up, going to the door, looking out the window, thinking it may be him,” she said.

Tench’s family is hopeful his phone records will reveal the last person he spoke to and the last place he was seen. They’ve made a pact to keep looking for their loved one, even if he may not be coming back.

“I’m not one that stops, and I will track you down, I promise you,” Newman said.

Family members plan to pass out more missing person flyers in Monroe, and close friends of Tench have joined the search as well.

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