Why great white sharks clustering off the Carolina Coast is good news

ATLANTIC OCEAN — Eight great white sharks are being tracked swimming near the Carolinas.

OCEARCH pointed out an odd grouping of great white sharks at the border of North and South Carolina. The nonprofit’s shark map shows several at the Carolina border.

What do you think could be causing this big gap in where white sharks are pinging right now. There are pings in the Gulf...

Posted by OCEARCH on Saturday, February 8, 2020

Swimmers might think that’s a little too close to home, but researchers are thrilled about it.

OCEARCH scientists have been placing trackers on the sharks. They said seeing the great whites closer to shore is a good sign for the marine ecosystem.

"So, without sharks as the caretakers of all things below them, we would have explosions of other fish that would basically take over ecosystems and resources not controlled by these top predators,” said Chris Fischer, with Ocearch.

Researchers said the sharks are migrating up the East Coast.