FORECAST UPDATE: Will it snow this weekend in the Charlotte area?

CHARLOTTE — The weekend forecast still calls for the possibility of snowflakes falling in Charlotte, but don’t run out to buy a sled, Meteorologist John Ahrens said Thursday.

The likelihood of it sticking to the ground or piling up in the city is extremely low.

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Rain will pick up Saturday night through early Sunday. Temperatures will be in the upper-30s, which are conditions that will only produce rain.

Cold air will be drawn in from high in the atmosphere by Sunday morning and allow the rain to mix with snow and sleet in Charlotte.

While that’s great news for snow lovers, the depth of this cold air is low, and the ground is very warm, Ahrens said.

There’s not going to be a lot of opportunity to get this snow to stick.

Meanwhile, the snow will certainly stick in the mountains and Foothills. There will be the potential for major impacts in the High Country and possibly into Catawba County.

The event will come to an end Sunday night.

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Madi Baggett

Madi Baggett, wsoctv.com

Madi is a meteorologist for Severe Weather Center 9.

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