Convicted squatter arrested again; previously claimed religion protects her from prosecution

CHARLOTTE — A convicted squatter has been arrested again after police said she barricaded herself inside an east Charlotte home and punched a cop while trying to avoid eviction.

Channel 9 first started investigating Ninti El-Bey in 2015, when police arrested her for squatting in a Piper Glen home. She claimed her religion protects her from prosecution, but this week, El-Bey is back behind bars.


Neighbors told Channel 9′s Hunter Sáenz she’s terrorized them for months.

According to records, an eviction notice was put out in April 2022 trying to get El-Bey out of the house. Last week, she was forced out by police. They said it didn’t happen without a fight.

Neighbors described what it was like to live near her.

“She had a big witch’s cauldron in the back she would burn,” said Mike Kowalski.

He lives next door and said it was about time she was removed.

“She’s gone around the neighborhood a few times with a blow horn yelling at people to get off her indigenous property,” he said.


Last Thursday, officers tried removing El-Bey from the home. They said she punched an officer in the eye, was pepper-sprayed, and then hid in a closet until an officer kicked the door down and arrested her.

“You know, maybe that’s the thing that got her -- she did that one dumb thing to swing at a cop,” Kowalski said.

El-Bey has greeted Kowalski before by flipping him off. He showed Sáenz where he said she also sprayed oil on his home.

Katy Ascencio Flores said El-Bey did the same to her parent’s house and even sprayed her brother with the oil.

On Monday, nobody was home when Sáenz knocked. The door handle had a lock on it and ejection paperwork was posted on the door.

Channel 9 has covered El-Bey before. She was arrested for trespassing after police say she was squatting at a home in Piper Glen in 2015. A judge found her guilty in that case, and now, she’s facing similar charges years later with another set of neighbors.

Ninti El-Bey is charged with trespassing, assault on a government official, and resisting arrest. She claims she is a Moorish sovereign citizen -- a group that law enforcement says is often tied to squatting incidents.

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Hunter Sáenz

Hunter Sáenz, wsoctv.com

Hunter is a reporter for Channel 9.

Michael Stolp

Michael Stolp, wsoctv.com

Michael is an investigative reporter for Channel 9.

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