Woman says man tried to steal truck while she was still inside

CHARLOTTE — A woman is still in shock after someone attempted to steal her boyfriend’s truck while she was still inside of it.

Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke with the woman who said she had to jump out before the suspect caused a crash.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of a Quik Trip on Eastway Drive.

The woman told Channel 9 that she and her boyfriend stopped at the gas station to put air into the tires of their truck. When her boyfriend exited the vehicle, a man allegedly jumped in and tried to drive off with the woman still inside.

She said as she hopped out, her boyfriend climbed back in the truck to try and stop the suspect.

“I’m in the car. I’m waiting for my boyfriend. He’s putting air in the tire. And then I see that man and he jumped in the car. And he told me ‘Here we go’ and I say, ‘Amour.’ And I jumped out of the car. And then my boyfriend jumped into the car and they just go too fast,” the woman, who did not want to be identified, told Channel 9.

The truck then sped through the parking lot before crashing into a parked car owned by Renika Howard. “I was just out running some errands...looking at a dress and here I am with my car,” Howard explained.

Howard said she witnessed the truck come to a stop and the suspect try to get away. “Well, he didn’t jump. He kind of walked and he was limping. And he was in pain,” Howard said.

The woman said the suspect was taken into custody inside of the Quik Trip.

The suspect, in this case, has not yet been named. It is also unknown what charges he will face.

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