Woman says teen hugged her after trying to rob her at Charlotte park

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A woman said she was running in a north Charlotte park Monday when a teenager grabbed her from behind, pointed a gun at her and tried to rob her.

Lucinda told Channel 9's veteran crime reporter Mark Becker she was running around 4:40 p.m. in Nevin Park when someone came up behind her and grabbed her backside.

"I was doing the normal run, I've run in this park like for 17 years," Lucinda said. "I thought it was someone playing a joke or something, so I pushed him and then, that's when I pushed, and he grabbed me by my arm and pointed the gun at me, and he was like demanding money."

When she saw how young the face behind the gun was, she said the mother in her kicked in and something remarkable happened.

"I'm like, 'Buddy, you don't want to do this. You don't want to end up the rest of your life in jail,'" Lucinda said. "Right after that it's like, 'You're right ma'am, I'm sorry.' He just hugged me and left."

After the hug, she said she was able to get a picture while he was riding away on his bike. She called 911 and CMPD officers were in the area.

"We were close," CMPD Capt. Ryan Kendall said. "Our crime reduction unit was in the area and second shift officers were in the area and had a quick response."

Kendall said his officers picked up the teenager within 10 minutes.

Officials said 16-year-old Ernesto Hernandez-Campos was charged with attempted robbery and sexual battery.

Lucinda said for a moment, she felt bad for the teen and that maybe it was because he is just a kid, but she also knew she had to do something.

"I got to stop this," Lucinda said. "Something worse can happen. It happened to me. I'm very lucky, but I can't give another chance."