• Woman shot in knee, children unharmed after home sprayed with bullets

    By: Elsa Gillis


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Police are searching for the gunmen who fired into a northwest Charlotte house, hitting an innocent mother.

    [PHOTOS: CMPD investigates after bullets fired into home, woman shot]

    Channel 9 was with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police just before 2 a.m. on Bristle Lane, where detectives were investigating the shooting.

    Officers said it's likely there was more than one gunman.

    The shooters fired at a van, the outside of a home and into a window, hitting the woman inside in the knee.

    She was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.



    Police told Channel 9 two different weapons were fired, scattering dozens of shell casings around the scene. Reporter Elsa Gillis saw crime scene tape up in front of the house, and watched as crime scene investigators placed several evidence markers on the ground.

    Gillis spoke with the victim's husband, who said they're terrified. He said they were both asleep when the shots rang out.

    "What got my attention was her scream," he said. "I did not really hear the gunshots because I was sleeping, so what got my attention was when she screamed and then I turned on the light and I saw her bleeding."

    He said he immediately went to check on his six and four-year-old children, who were both asleep, and his niece’s 4-month-old son, who was up feeding.

    They were all OK.

    "I don't know who could be behind this. I can't think of anybody or any possibilities of why somebody would choose this house. I don't know who they're after."

    Investigators have not released any possible suspect information and told Channel 9 they don't know yet if the home was targeted.

    "It's very disconcerting to know that someone could shoot up a house, a residence, without any disregard to the lives that are inside," said Amy Anderson, a concerned neighbor.



    The problem of indiscriminate gunfire is not new to the community. Officers said more than 300 homes and cars have been shot up so far this year.

    [CMPD creates task force in effort to slow shootings into occupied homes]

    Because of continuous calls for investigations like this one, CMPD created a task force in August in an effort to curb shootings into homes.

    During its first two weeks after being implemented, the task force arrested nine suspects and took seven guns off the street.

    Police are asking people to come forward and share whatever they know about these incidents.

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