The woman who called off dogs attacking victims talks about her moment of heroism

CHARLOTTE — The woman who tried to stop a brutal dog attack is speaking up about the incident that hospitalized two other women in University City on Monday.

She told Channel 9′s Dan Matics she works at the daycare near the apartment building off Mallard Glen Drive where the attack happened.

“I did it because no one was seemingly trying to do anything and I get it, it’s the fight flight or freeze…. And a lot of people were frozen,” Bridgett said. She did not want to share her full name.

She says she has scrapes and bruises to prove how she stepped up to help. Her experience with large dogs helped her call the dogs off the women, she explained.

“She was on the ground when I came. I was yelling, screaming, here here here, and they came to me.”

In the video at the top of the page, Bridgett describes the moments when she sprung into action and called the dogs off the women.

(WATCH: Mother, son attacked by dog in north Charlotte, officials say)

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