York County flu cases spiking, state health officials say

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — According to state health officials, York County has the highest flu transmission rate of 22 counties in our area.

Hospitals, urgent care centers and doctors’ offices have seen a surge in flu cases in South Carolina. Residents like Tim Brennan heard about the strain and were able to prepare themselves this year.

“Well, I heard a lot about this strain of the flu was going to be pretty bad on people this year, so I kind of prepared myself,” said Brennan, “One of the things I do is wash my hands constantly. All the time, I walk around with sanitizer.”

The most recent numbers from the Department of Health and Environmental Control say that 7.4% of doctor visits were flu-related. The normal rate is around 3.6%.

Channel 9′s Glenn Counts spoke with another York County resident, Heidi Sherwood, who turns to isolation and healthy eating to keep the flu at bay.

“I see anybody that’s coughing or sick, I try and avoid them at all costs, but I also take a lot of supplements and vitamins, and antioxidants and stuff,” said Sherwood.

While medical professionals are working hard and hoping for the best, returning Thanksgiving travelers may cause another spike due to family get-togethers.

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