Zoning documents: Costco planning Indian Land location

INDIAN LAND, S.C. — Zoning documents filed with Lancaster County show a developer wants to build a Costco in Indian Land. The developer, Crosland Southeast, is planning a Costco east of U.S. Highway 521 between Possum Hollow Road and Sandal Brook Road on a vacant 28-acre parcel.

News of Costco’s potential was first reported by UnTap Indian Land.

If there’s one thing Indian Land doesn’t lack, it’s grocery stores. And soon Costco will join the mix.

The beloved wholesale giant is known for selling everything from inflatable hot tubs to rotisserie chickens.

“Costco might drive the prices down a little bit,” resident Jenna Czaplinski said. “Competition is good. Free market. That’s what we want.”

Zoning documents show the 156,000-square-foot store will also include a gas station with 24 pumps. The traffic impact study filed with the county shows the megastore may add as many as 10,000 more cars per day.

That’s a lot to add to an already busy stretch of the road.

“That’s not a Costco issue. That’s a Lancaster County issue,” Czaplinski said. “We have to be well-informed, and the road improvements need to happen ahead of time.”

Derek Farley says it will be worth it. He says Costco has a great reputation for treating the community well and doing things the right way.

He hopes the community will back the store with infrastructure to support it.

“There are going to be headaches along the way, but with headaches come relief,” resident Derek Farley said. “I just like progress. You manage for control, and you manage for growth, and I am all about growth.”

There are plans to add traffic lights for the development.

It will likely be a year or two before ground breaks, so people can later purchase the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo.

This will be Costco’s fourth location in the Charlotte area.

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