• Man says he was on drugs when he shot girlfriend

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - A Charlotte woman was chased around her home and gunned down with an AK-47, and on Thursday, her former boyfriend explained why he killed her.

    Jamarr Springs said he was on drugs and thought Pam Garmon was an intruder when he chased her through their west Charlotte home.

    Springs pleaded guilty in the case in court on Thursday. He admitted chasing Garmon through their home, killing her while firing an AK-47 assault rifle 20 times.

    Springs upset Garmon's family when he said in court, "I loved her. I gave my all to the relationship. I miss her just as much as her family."

    "He's going to say what he wants to say, but if you love someone, how do you shoot them down like a dog?" Cynthia Garmon, the victim's mother, said.

    Prosecutors say Springs went on to drive to Northlake Mall, where, last year, Clint Beaver noticed Springs, who was in his underwear and carrying a rifle, try to flag him down.

    "He was just waving like this and that's when I noticed the rifle in his hand, and that's when I decided to just floor it," Beaver said at the time.

    Springs fired at him and then went on to carjack another victim outside a restaurant.

    On Thursday, in pleading guilty, Springs told the judge he was on drugs and hallucinating.

    Robert McGowens, who pastored both Springs and Pam Garmon, said they've both paid a price.

    "Pam lost her life and Jamarr has lost most of his life," McGowens said.

    Springs' sentence could have gone as high as 93 years in prison. In a plea deal, he'll spend between 36 and 48 years behind bars.

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