• Toxicology: Man had pot, LSD in system when shot, killed by Watauga County deputy


    WATUAGA COUNTY, N.C. - A North Carolina district attorney said in July a deputy was justified in the fatal shooting of a man who had attacked him in March.

    [PAST COVERAGE: Watauga Co. man shot, killed by deputy during 'violent struggle']

    Watauga County District Attorney Seth Banks said in a statement that it was necessary for Deputy Adam Gragg to use deadly force in self-defense in the shooting on March 30.

    The Watauga County Sheriff's Office said when Gragg spotted a suspect in some attempted break-ins east of Boone, 22-year-old Andrew John Mason attacked him. According to Banks, Mason knocked a stun gun out of Gragg's hand and began hitting the deputy him in the face and kicking him.

    Banks said Mason reached for Gragg's holstered service weapon before the deputy pulled out the gun and shot Mason, who died at a local hospital.

    Mason had marijuana and LSD in his system at the time, according to a toxicology report released in August.

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