Flight attendant adopts stray dog who kept waiting outside her hotel

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Persistence paid off for a stray dog in Buenos Aires.

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Rubio, a friendly dog who wandered the streets in the area, met flight attendant Olivia Sievers who often traveled between Germany and Argentina about six months ago.

She gave the dog some food, attention and even an airline blanket. He never left her side.

But Sievers would have to leave for work.

She would return periodically. Sure enough, Rubio was there.  

Sievers would fly back and forth. Always Rubio would be there.

And Sievers always had to leave.

At one point Sievers made arrangements with a rescue group to get Rubio into a good home. However, Rubio escaped. He was back at the hotel waiting for Sievers.

Sievers decided to adopt Rubio. After taking care of the paperwork, Rubio was on his way to his new home.

Sievers welcomed Rubio into his new home Friday.

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