Coronavirus, baby formula: Can you get free formula because of COVID-19 pandemic? No, not really

Coronavirus outbreak: What you need to know

You may have seen social media posts about the shortage of baby formula because of run on stores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The posts say that if a parent can’t find baby formula, then call the number that is printed on the back of the can you do have and you can get formula that way, directly from the company that produces it.

But the claim isn’t totally true.

For Gerber brands, the number on the can is real, but when WBIR called it, the message says, “We are aware of a rumor circulating on social media that states there are free cases of formula if you call and request them. We do not have any sampling programs at this time.”

Enfamil has posted on Twitter that they are not giving away free cases, either.

Snopes, the online debunking website, confirmed that it is a scam, and there are red flags that tell you right away. The posts do not give any specific brand names for one.