Kitten rescued from wheel of truck

LAWRENCE, Mass. — A tiny kitten found itself with a big problem when its head got stuck in the wheel of a truck in Massachusetts.

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Animal control officers were trying to trap the 4-week-old kitten and its siblings, which were found living on the street, WFXT reported. Trying to herd the kittens was difficult, and one of them disappeared.

“This little guy got scared and hid in the tire,” Meaghan O’Leary, director of operations at the MSPCA Nevins Farm, told WFXT. “No one could find him until they heard him crying. It was just so heartbreaking.”

The kitten suffered injuries and was rushed to an animal hospital, where he received stitches in his leg and a bandage on his foot. Doctors said that a few of the kitten’s toes will need to be amputated, WFXT reported.

A spokesperson for the MSPCA shared photos of the kitten, which is currently in a foster home while waiting for leg surgery. The recovery from the surgery is expected to take four to six weeks. After the kitten recovers and is old enough, it will be put up for adoption, WFXT reported.

“We know that he’ll be a wonderful pet when he’s fully recovered,” O’Leary told WFXT. “He’s eating well and has even been moving around, despite his injuries.”

The MSPCA is collecting donations for the kitten’s care.