Teacher, dog die of carbon monoxide poisoning after running car left in garage

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia woman was found dead in her home, and her neighbor’s dog was killed after she left a car running in her garage.

Patricia Mann, a high school teacher in Milton, Georgia, died, and six neighbors in her townhome complex suffered carbon monoxide poisoning.

Alex Morales, one of Mann’s neighbors, told WSB-TV he woke up Thursday morning feeling confused. He told the news station his family members also felt disoriented, and they couldn’t walk or talk. They believed they might have COVID-19.

Madesta Jackson, another neighbor, told WSB-TV the carbon monoxide leak affected her mother, sister and brother. All three were flown to an unnamed hospital in South Carolina for special hyperbaric chamber treatments. The family’s dog was killed from the chemical inhalation.

Jackson’s brother has been released from the hospital, but their mother and sister remain unconscious.

“People don’t know that they’re smelling it until they know the effects of it, unless they have alarms in their house and the alarms go off, in which case, they need to get outside as soon as possible,” a deputy fire chief for the city of Milton told WSB-TV.

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