Texas school shooting: Teacher did not leave door propped open before shooter’s entry, officials say

ULVADE, Texas — Texas officials are saying a teacher did not leave her door propped open before the shooter entered Robb Elementary School last week.

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According to the Associated Press, Texas State Police are saying the teacher they originally believed had propped the door open with a rock and did not remove it before the shooter, Salvatore Ramos, entered Robb Elementary School last week before killing 19 students and two teachers. The teacher actually did remove the rock and closed the door when she realized there was a shooter on campus.

The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Chief Communications Officer, Travis Considine, according to the AP, says the door did not lock. He said the teacher did prop the door open but ran back inside to call 911 when Ramos crashed his truck, which is when she removed the rock.

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“We did verify she closed the door. The door did not lock. We know that much and now investigators are looking into why it did not lock,” said Considine, according to the AP.

The teacher, according to her lawyer, Don Flanary, told the Houston Chronicle, has remained unidentified due to safety concerns. She went back outside once she got her phone to call 911, but the men at the funeral home were yelling, ‘He has a gun!’ Flanary says she saw Ramos jump the fence with a gun and she ran back inside the classroom.