Topless Tennessee woman charged with public intoxication after chewing on miniature horse’s mane, officials say

JACKSBORO, Tenn. — An inebriated, topless Tennessee woman who chewed on the mane of a miniature horse and told authorities it was made of Laffy Taffy was charged with public intoxication, officials said.

Authorities were called Aug. 30 to a home and found Cynthia Teeple topless in a backyard with two miniature horses, WLAF reported.

She told Campbell County Sheriff’s deputies that “the horse’s hair is made of Laffy Taffy and Airhead candy,” WLAF reported.

Officers asked her where her shirt was. That’s when she looked down and realized her shirt was missing. It was about 30 feet away.

Teeple, who had dirt on her lips and the inside of her mouth, told investigators she had taken methamphetamines the day before and had no idea where she was or who lived there, WLAF reported. A witness told authorities Teeple had eaten grass and dirt from a fenced area where there are horses.

Teeple was charged with public intoxication, according to WATE.