Trump formally nominated as 2020 Republican presidential candidate

Trump officially nominated as 2020 Republican presidential candidate

President Donald Trump formally won the Republican nomination for the 2020 presidential election on Monday.

The president will be vying for a second term after securing more than the 1,276 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination during a roll-call vote on the first day of the Republican National Convention. Earlier in the convention, which was pared down due to the threat of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, delegates renominated Vice President Mike Pence for a second term in office.

The president took the stage in a surprise appearance after his nomination became formal. He was greeted with chants calling for “Four more years.”

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“This is the most important election in the history of our country,” Trump said. “We have to be very careful and we have to win. Our country is counting on us.”

Delegates held an in-person meeting and roll-call vote in the ballroom of the Charlotte Convention Center on Monday morning, according to WSOC-TV. The in-person vote included 336 delegates who pledged their votes to Trump, the news station reported.

Trump earned enough votes to win the GOP presidential nomination in March.

The White House announced the president will make a stop in Charlotte Monday. Pence landed in Charlotte before noon and took the stage at the RNC to address the delegates inside the Convention Center. Trump arrived at Charlotte Douglas International Airport just before noon, according to WSOC-TV.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.