Uber rolls out updates to help women feel safer

A woman waiting for a ride holding a cellphone and the handle of a suitcase.

Uber is introducing new settings for its app designed to make women feel safer after the company said that 53% of women feel unsafe at night, even when they are only about a mile from home.

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Uber is calling it a “set it and forget it” feature.

The company now allows users to “choose up to four safety features to automatically turn on based on time or locations.”

That means that once the clock strikes 12 a.m. (or whatever time you set) or you leave a bar or restaurant, the app will turn on some safety features without having to remember.

The options include RideCheck, PIN verification, audio recording and Share My Trip, the company said. All you have to do to access them is go to the app’s settings and set a schedule or hit the shield icon to turn the presets on.

Uber said in the announcement, “We believe when we make the world safer for women we make it safer for everyone.”

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