Woman who lost her cat more than 10 years ago reunited with missing kitty

Woman who lost her cat more than 10 years ago reunited with missing kitty
FILE PHOTO: While many cats in shelters may never find their families again, one cat that had been missing for more than a decade was reunited with its original owners recently. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

TOOELE, Utah — More than a decade ago, a girl never thought she would ever see her beloved pet cat Mocha again. But Mocha is back in the arms of her owner thanks to an animal shelter and a microchip.

Mocha’s story is a long one.

Mocha got away from her owner, whose name was not released when the woman was in high school about 10 years ago. The family searched. The teen would not go to school. Instead, she wanted to look for her cat. Eventually, the family believed that Mocha either was hit by a car or had died and they moved on. The girl grew up and had her own family and other pets.

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But recently a person who had been feeding a stray took that cat to the Tooele City Animal Shelter in Utah, saying they had to move and were worried that no one would look after the cat.

The shelter manager had the cat scanned for a microchip and they found a registered device. Shelter employees called the company where the microchip was registered and they were able to track down the family. The father went to the shelter to confirm that it was the same cat that had been lost a decade ago. He then called his daughter, and an hour later, she arrived to be reunited with her long-lost pet, shelter employees said.

Shelter officials are using Mocha’s happy ending to remind pet owners to have their pets microchipped in case they get lost and are reminding good-hearted animal lovers to take strays to shelters so that if the pet is microchipped it can be returned home instead of living on the streets.

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Posted by Tooele City Animal Shelter on Friday, July 17, 2020