YouTube to launch 30-second unskippable ads

As broadcasters do their annual upfront presentations, showing what they have planned for the next year, YouTube is also doing its own presentation.

One of the announcements may be telling you to just put down the remote.

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Executives announced on Wednesday that YouTube will be rolling out 30-second unskippable ads, Variety reported.

The ads will be on top-performing content streamed on televisions or CTV platforms through its YouTube Select ad targeting options replacing two 15-second consecutive ads.

But the ads won’t stop there.

There will be what YouTube called “Pause Experiences” when streamed on televisions.

When a viewer pauses a clip, an ad appears, similar to what Hulu started doing four years ago, Variety reported.

The “Pause Experience” appears that it can be dismissed, according to a screenshot published by AdWeek.

Not everything announced was ad-based though.

“YouTube is the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket,” the company said on its blog.

There will be Game Day All Access where fans can hear players who are wearing mics on the field. There will also be a new Shorts series called “NFL Creator of the Week” as well as partnering with MrBeast, the largest individual YouTube creator with 153 million subscribers, Variety reported.

There is no timeline for the rollout of the changes, The Verge reported.