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Dad stabs family dog to death to save 1-year-old daughter

FALMOUTH, Mass. — A one-year-old girl who was mauled by the family dog has survived emergency surgery, but she has a long road ahead.

The vicious attack was reported in Falmouth Sunday morning, and first responders told Boston 25 News it was the most horrific dog attack they've ever witnessed.

Police said the child’s father heard screaming coming from the kitchen, and that’s when he found the family’s pit bull terrier mauling his daughter.

He tried to separate the two, but the dog refused to release its grip.

Police said the father then went to get a gun to shoot the dog, but it wasn’t loaded. That’s when he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the dog to death to get his daughter out of its mouth.

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The news came as a shock to the father’s uncle, who lived across the street from where the attack occurred.

“She’s a cute little bunny,” Ron Goulart said. “Maybe a year old now. She’s very good. The dogs always got along with her, so I don’t know what happened.”

Police confirmed that the attack was unprovoked, and the dog had no history of violence.

The girl was airlifted to Boston Children’s Hospital where she underwent a number of emergency surgeries and blood transfusions.

She’s expected to spend several more weeks in the hospital, but her family said they are grateful she’s alive.