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Toyota collision tips

Have you ever run into a curb and heard your wheel scrape? Maybe you backed into another car and heard that telltale crunch of metal that means you did some damage. Whenever you get into a collision or accident - regardless of the seriousness - it leaves you with a sinking feeling in your stomach because you know you’re going to have to pay for auto body repairs.

Tools our Charlotte auto body work techs recommend for at-home repairs

However, if you’re confident and skilled enough to tackle auto body repairs on your own, then you can save yourself time, stress and money. You’ll need to invest in some specific tools, though - and that’s where Toyota of North Charlotte comes in. Check out these five tools we recommend you have on hand BEFORE tackling auto body work from the comfort of your own garage.
#1: A dual action sander
This type of sander can really cut down on the sanding time it takes to complete auto body work. Remember, these types of repairs require A LOT of sanding to keep surfaces porous, smooth, and debris-free. A dual-action sander automates the process but they’re expensive, so if you can’t fit it into your budget, you can sand your car by hand, too.
#2: A spray gun
Have some paint work to take care of? Our Charlotte Collision Center techs recommend you invest in a spray gun. It atomizes the paint into finer particles, which means it’ll adhere better to surfaces, including the existing paint on the car.
#3: Body filler, putty knives, and spreaders
Body filler is also known as Bondo and depending on how bad the damage to your car is, you may need it as a way to fill holes or cracks. You’ll need spreaders and knives to efficiently and properly spread the filler over the cracks and holes so everything looks uniform.
#4: A slide hammer and an auto body hammer with dolly set
Auto body work requires several types of hammers to get rid of dents, including a slide hammer. This type of hammer is best for pulling out panels to get rid of dents. You can get one that either uses screws or hook adapters to pop dents out depending on how much you want to spend.
#5: An air compressor
If you’re going to be doing any work with painting or power tools, our Charlotte auto repair techs highly recommend that you invest in an air compressor. Air compressors allow you to use power tools and drastically cut down on time spent working, and they also come in handy with painting because they help you avoid streaking and odd drying patterns.

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