SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte’s tips for decluttering your car

SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte’s tips for decluttering your car

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Are you sick of riding around in a car full of clutter? We hear you - not only is it annoying and disorganized, it can actually be dangerous if you get into a car accident. That clutter can quickly become projectiles and injure you and your passengers. Back to school is in full swing, so what better time to revamp your car and do away with the clutter for a great start back?

Declutter your car quickly and efficiently today

Decluttering your car doesn’t have to be a huge chore, either, nor does it have to be extremely time-consuming. Check out these simple tips from Toyota of N Charlotte to get you started AND keep you on routine.
Tip #1: Start by taking inventory. What exactly is in your car? Do you REALLY need three coats in the trunk, and are your flip flops really necessary in the dead of winter? Take inventory of what you have in your N Charlotte Toyota and only keep what you need at that particular point in time. This will help declutter your car from the get-go.
Tip #2: Explore your storage options. Do you really know what storage options are available to you in your N Charlotte Toyota? Are their hidden spots under the seats? What about under the floor in your cargo area? Explore your car and your owner’s manual to find out if there are storage spaces available that you missed.
Tip #3: Have a game plan for storage. Decide where you’re going to put everything when you declutter your car. You can divide things up into three basics: the must-haves, the use-sometimes, and the use-rarely. Keep the must-haves close at hand - this category may include things like your registration, phone charging cords, snacks, etc. You can store them in your glovebox or center console. Next, think about the use-sometimes, like extra diapers or a small first aid kit. These items can be stored in the backseat. Finally, think about the use-rarely category - like jumper cables or an emergency car kit - and where they’re best stored, like in the trunk or under the floor in the cargo area.
Tip #4: Clean your car. After you declutter your car, clean it! You’ll be less tempted to clutter it up again if everything is neat and tidy. Wipe, vacuum, and dust the interior, and get into the habit of doing this car detailing routine on a routine basis.
Tip #5: Invest in a trash can. It’s tempting to stuff empty cups and wrappers into the cupholders or toss them in the backseat, but don’t. Instead, hang a trash bag or invest in a small travel trash can to keep trash in its place.

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