SPONSORED: 3 tips for warming up your N Charlotte Toyota this winter

SPONSORED: 3 tips for warming up your N Charlotte Toyota this winter

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Winter is headed our way – can you believe spooky season is already almost over? Temperatures will undoubtedly be falling in the Charlotte area soon. Additionally, the holidays are coming so we know you’ll be hitting the road to visit friends and family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more, possibly taking your vehicle into even colder climates. However, as enticing as winter and the holiday season may seem now, there’s really nothing worse than trudging through the cold to sit in a cold car and wait for it to warm up both the engine and the interior (what a way to start the morning). Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help!

Do you need to warm up your N Charlotte Toyota?

It’s been much debated whether or not it’s even necessary to warm up your car before driving in the winter. Newer cars can typically get away with skipping this step – their engines are ready to roll the minute you crank the ignition, and it takes no time at all to get the interior warm and cozy. However, if you have an older vehicle or just like to play it safe then we recommend warming up your N Charlotte Toyota before you hit the road. Check out these 3 essential tips before you get things going.
#1: Don’t warm your car up inside your garage.
Never, ever, ever warm your car up inside of a closed garage. This can lead to an extremely dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide that can leak into your home. Carbon monoxide can be fatal when inhaled and even worse, it’s both odorless and tasteless so you may not even be aware of what’s happening. If you want to warm your N Charlotte Toyota up inside the garage, ensure that your garage door is wide open.
#2: Be mindful of self-locking vehicles.
Some vehicles self-lock – that is, if they’re left unattended for more than a few minutes unlocked, they lock themselves to prevent theft. You don’t want to get locked out of your N Charlotte Toyota while it’s running, so be mindful and consider sticking it out inside the cabin while the car warms up. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if you’re leaving your vehicle unlocked and running to warm up, be sure to keep an eye on it – an unlocked, running vehicle is a big temptation for a carjacker.
#3: Clock your warm-up time.
You don’t need to let your car run for ages to warm up – in fact, a few minutes should get both the engine warmed up and the interior toasty. Run it any longer and you’re just wasting gas (and your time).

Schedule winter service at our N Charlotte Toyota service center

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