SPONSORED: 4 car care tips for winter temperatures

SPONSORED: 4 car care tips for winter temperatures

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Winter is on its way, and with it brings the possibility of sudden dips in temperature. While we may not see as much snow as our neighbors up north, Charlotte definitely has the possibility to see temperatures take a dip into some seriously chilly weather. That’s why we’re here to help you prep your car ahead of time – there’s nothing worse than going out to your car on a frigid morning and finding that it won’t start. Check out these 4 car care tips from our Charlotte auto service experts to help you brave the weather all winter long.

Don’t skip these car care appointments this winter

Tip #1: Check out your tires.
Are your tires ready for winter weather? You probably don’t need to switch out your all-season tires (unless you’re planning a trip further north), but you do need to inspect them to ensure they can handle the slick conditions that come along with winter. You’ll want them to be inflated to the proper PSI (which also helps with fuel efficiency) and you’ll want to check the tread. You need it to be deep enough to grip the roads when things get snowy and icy, so have our Charlotte car care experts take a look for you next time you bring your ride in for routine maintenance. You can also do the penny test at home – stick a penny into the tire’s tread with Abe Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head, it’s time for new tires – your tread is too low to be safe.
Tip #2: Have your battery inspected and if needed, replaced.
Another item to have our Charlotte car care techs check is your battery. Cold weather can take a real toll on your car’s battery so you want it to be in the best shape possible BEFORE winter arrives. Our techs will check for things like rust, swelling, and leaks as well as test the voltage level to ensure you’ll be able to get things started all season long.
Tip #3: Check and refill all fluids.
With winter on its way, it may be time to consider switching your fluids to those that are temperature resistant grades, especially your coolant and wiper fluid. These special fluids won’t freeze when the temps take a sudden drop. And just because it’s not hot out anymore doesn’t mean your ride isn’t working hard – you need to keep up with routine oil changes to keep your engine cool and lubricated all winter long.
Tip #4: Invest in new wiper blades.
Winter means snow, sleet, rain – major precipitation. You want your car’s wiper blades to be in excellent condition so you have a clear field of vision out of your windshield. Winter wiper blades are designed to endure the harsh conditions of winter, so grab a pair from our Charlotte auto parts store and put them on your car before the weather takes a turn.

We’ve got you covered for winter car care

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