• How to take care of your N Charlotte Toyota after 100,000 miles!


    If you hit 100,000 miles in your N Charlotte Toyota, it’s a pretty big milestone! Our vehicles are built to last and give you an exceptional performance until the day you decide to switch up cars, and they can handle the 100,000 mile marker with ease. However, if you want to continue to prolong your car’s life there are certain steps you can take to give it a helping hand. Our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte has tips on how you can give your car the tools it needs to have a long and efficient life! 

    When you should visit our Charlotte Toyota Service Center 

    Before we get started, let’s talk about the obvious things – the things you should be taking care of for your N Charlotte Toyota regardless of its mileage. Here’s the breakdown: 

    • You need to get oil changes in Charlotte as your owner’s manual and driving tendencies dictate – ask one of our auto mechanics what schedule best suits your vehicle. Typically, it’s about every 3,000-7,000 miles. 
    • You should also get the fluids checked in your Toyota, as well as replace the air filter as needed – this is important to keep your engine functioning efficiently. Do this around every 20,000 miles. 
    • Replace your spark plugs and wires every 40,000 miles or so (or as recommended) 
    • Replace your battery every 35,000 miles, and have it inspected each time you come in to check for damage or wear.
    • Change your brake pads, brake fluid, and coolant every 60,000 miles or so.

    However, there are several other steps you should take after you hit the 100,000 mile mark in your Toyota. Here are some of our suggestions our Charlotte Toyota Service Center has for making sure you can continues to have a top-notch performance in its older years! 

    • Take a look at your Toyota’s timing belt! Typically cars will need a new one every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, and you don’t want to avoid this repair – the timing belt keeps all the parts in your engine synchronized. 
    • Consider having all of the fluids flushed and refilled at the 100,000 mile mark – that’s a pretty long span of time, and this will ensure that no sludge or debris has a chance to cause problems in your different tanks. 
    • Check your tires – how are they wearing? 100,000 miles is usually a good marking point to get a new set and get an alignment if you’re due for it. Some drivers haven’t hit this point yet or have already replaced their tires. 
    • Get a tune-up when you hit 100,000 miles – this will ensure that your engine is running in the most efficient shape that it can, and that all the different parts are correctly doing their jobs. 

    Bring your N Charlotte Toyota in for an inspection today! 

    Have questions about what auto service you should seek out as your car goes up in mileage? Give our Toyota Service Center a call! Our auto mechanics are here to help, and our incredible Toyota Service Coupons will make your experiences more affordable than ever! 

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