• Remove rust from your ride with auto repairs in Charlotte


    Have you ever washed your car and spot a chunk of rust on your car? Not only is it annoying, but it definitely is an alarming sight! Rust is dangerous to cars since it essentially eat up your car’s metal! Luckily for you, rust is easily managed with Charlotte auto repairs. Our Toyota Collision Center in Charlotte is equipped to handle a wide variety of auto repairs, including rust elimination.

    Like we said, rust can be very dangerous to your vehicle since it can spread quickly and cause corrosion throughout your car. Our techs are knowledgeable when it comes to eliminating and preventing rust. We sat down with them and asked them how you can prevent and remove rust from your ride.

    Protect your car from rust with these tips

    While we may make Charlotte auto repairs easy at our auto body shop, it’s just best if you avoid getting rust altogether. Check out these tips to help you avoid getting rust on your ride:

    • If you want to keep your car in near-perfect condition, you should wash it on a regular basis. If you live in an area where the air is salty (like near the beach) you might have to wash it even more often. When you wash your car, make sure you also wax it. Wax is meant to protect your car from the elements and can protect your car from needing an auto repair in Charlotte.
    • Inspect your car while you wash your car. Make sure that there aren’t any nicks or scratches on the paint of your car. If a scratch exposes metal, it can start to rust thanks to oxidization. Swing by our Toyota Collision Center in Charlotte is spot a scratch on your car.
    • Keep the interior of your car clean, as rust can form on the inside as well. If you spill a liquid on the inside, make sure you clean it out immediately as the liquid can lead to rust. If you put this off, it might be too late by the time you notice and can lead to an expensive auto repair in Charlotte!

    Fix rust with Charlotte auto repair

    However, if you do find that your car does have rust, you can feel comfortable knowing that our professionals can help you remove rust. This auto repair isn’t easy to do on your own and you will need the help of professionals. You might not know just how deep the rust has spread.

    If our professionals see that the rust is just superficial (meaning just on the surface), our technicians will grind it away. If it’s too deep, our techs might just have to replace the panel with rust. Lucky for you, we also offer car paint jobs in our auto body shop that will match your car’s paint to a ‘T’. We’ll leave your ride looking brand-new!

    Want to know more about this car repair? Visit our Toyota Collision Center at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville. Give us a call at 888-732-5310 for more information.


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