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Toyota of N Charlotte helps you maintain your car battery!

Do you know how to maintain your car battery? It’s a pretty essential part of what goes on under the hood of your car, and there’s more to it than just bringing your car into our Charlotte Toyota Service Center when you need a replacement. You can actually easily maintain your car battery from the comfort of your own driveway or garage, and our Charlotte Toyota service techs are here to help you do it! 

Why is it essential to maintain the car battery? 

Why is it so important to maintain your car battery? Basically, it’s what gets things up and running in your car. Without it functioning properly, you face a dead car that won’t be going anywhere! No one likes having to ask for a jump or getting their car towed in for Charlotte auto service, so why not do proactive car maintenance and avoid the problem from occurring in the first place? Here are our top tips for Charlotte car battery maintenance and extending the life of this very important part! 
Tip: Check the voltage. Did you know you can either buy a voltage tester (for pretty cheap, too) or have our Charlotte auto service techs check the voltage of your car battery? This will help to ensure that it’s functioning at max capacity and isn’t going to conk out on you anytime soon! 
Tip: Clean the terminals of your car battery. This Charlotte car maintenance will help to ensure a solid connection between the battery and the cables! You can use a stiff wire brush to clean them with a baking soda/water paste; this will help remove dirt, debris, and dried battery acid to ensure the best connection possible. 
Tip: Give your car battery a visual onceover on a routine basis. Check it for swelling, which can indicate an internal problem, as well as leaks or corrosion. You should also make sure the part is sitting evenly in the battery tray, and that it doesn’t look like it’s been moving around while the car is in motion. It should stay firmly in one spot! If you notice any of the above, visit our Charlotte Toyota service center for a replacement to avoid a dead car! 

Let our Charlotte Toyota Service Center help you keep track of this important part’s performance! 

Tip: Stay on top of service and replacements! You always want to stick to a routine car maintenance schedule, as it’ll push your car to provide you with the best performance possible. The car battery is no exception – replace it at regular intervals and be sure to have our Toyota Service techs in Charlotte check it during their multi-point inspections! 
Tip: Insulate it! You can protect your car battery from extreme temperatures and extend its life with an insulation kit – ask our Charlotte Toyota parts department to help you find the right one for your ride! 
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