• Find out what Bluetooth is, and how it improves your N Charlotte Toyota!


    Before you start fumbling around for your book of CD’s or searching around the front seat for your iPod cord, consider this: what if there was a way to wirelessly stream all of your favorite tunes straight to the sound system in your new Toyota? Guess what? There is – Bluetooth technology. A good deal of the new cars at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership offer this exceptional technology, so let’s take a look at what it is, how it works, and how it can better your driving experience in your new Toyota! 

    First of all, Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music and phone calls wirelessly in your new Toyota near Charlotte. This is helpful because it better allows you to concentrate on the task at hand, and you don’t have to deal with the mess (or frustration when you lose it) of a connection cord. How does it accomplish this feat? 

    • There’s a tiny transmitter embedded into your new Toyota that picks up the signal your Bluetooth enabled devices send out. Think about how your laptop connects to wi-fi, and you’ll get an idea of how these radio wave signals travel. 
    • Once your new Toyota in N Charlotte has picked up the signal, it can stream the sounds coming out of your phone through your vehicle’s speakers! 

    How can Bluetooth improve your Toyota near Charlotte?

    What does this mean for your driving experience?  A whole lot more entertainment options, for one. You’ll also find your convenience factor rising quickly, and you’ll love not needing a cord to connect your devices! Take advantage of elements like: 

    • Being able to stream phone calls! No more scrambling for the phone and trying to reach it before the caller hangs up. You can stream the phone calls through your audio system and keep your focus on driving safely. Additionally, some new Toyota in N Charlotte even have Bluetooth controls mounted right on the steering wheel for extra convenience… or voice-command controls! Ask one of our sales specialists for details on which cars offer these remarkable options! 
    • Having an enormous selection of music close at hand. Not only will you be able to easily access any music stored on your phone, you’ll also be able to access music apps like Sirius XM Satellite Radio and Pandora Radio. Your music selection will increase exponentially without any real extra effort! 
    • Being able to take advantage of other apps geared towards entertainment and convenience. Toyota’s Entune System is a set of multimedia apps that allow you to perform amazing tasks like make dinner reservations, check stocks, buy movie tickets, and follow sports games – all from the comfort of the driver’s seat! 

    Find out more about Bluetooth at our dealership today!

    As you can clearly see, driving a new Toyota near Charlotte enabled with Bluetooth capabilities is an excellent choice. Why not give yourself the driving experience you deserve? Come down and test drive the vehicle of your choice today – you can schedule your appointment at (888) 883-3797! Don’t forget to ask about our new Toyota specials, and visit the Parts Department  to learn about more technological options today!