• Extend the life of your N Charlotte Toyota today!


    How to extend the life of your N Charlotte Toyota!

    When you buy a new Toyota in N Charlotte, extending its life is probably the last thing on your mind. However, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership knows better than anyone that giving your car a long, healthy life requires you to take proactive measures from day one! It may seem silly, but it’s true – there are several ways you can help your vehicle to continue to give you the performance you need, and to retain that performance over its lifetime. We’ve got tips from our auto repair center in Charlotte to tell you how you can do just that! 

    Drive responsibly in your N Charlotte Toyota! 

    First of all, don’t drive like a maniac! That may seem self-explanatory, but not many N Charlotte Toyota drivers realize just how much strain you can put on your vehicle when  you drive over-aggressively, especially during the “breaking in” period. Try not to slam on the brakes or gas; don’t take turns too sharply or at high speeds, and don’t speed if you don’t have to. Be courteous to your new Toyota in N Charlotte and it will return the favor!

    Second, keep up with your routine maintenance! It may seem like another no-brainer, but it can be very easy to forget your routine oil changes in Charlotte if you’re not keeping track of them (did we mention that our Service Center can help you do that?). Missing your routine maintenance appointments can have a major and costly effect on your car – so calendar them in. Prevention is key in keeping your N Charlotte Toyota’s performance up to par! 

    Be mindful of your brake pads! When you wear them too thin, you can do serious damage to your brake rotors (ending up in costly repairs). Also, get your tires rotated and inflated on a regular basis as part of your routine maintenance. Ensuring your tires are rotated and properly inflated can also help increase the fuel efficiency on your N Charlotte Toyota! 

    Keep your new Toyota near Charlotte clean! 

    Wash your car! This is especially important if you live in climates where you get snow. Salt, road grime, and pollution can do damage to your N Charlotte Toyota’s body work, resulting in auto repairs that can take a toll on your wallet. Salt in the air near the ocean can also result in rust, which can do major damage to both the exterior and underbody of your car. 

    Watch how many key chains you have on your keys! Again, this may seem silly, but hanging too many objects on your key chain can actually do damage to your ignition, which means having to replace the ignition switch!  

    For more tips on keeping your new Toyota in N Charlotte running in top notch shape, visit our Toyota Service Center today! We have trained Toyota technicians who would love to give you the advice you need to maximize your car’s performance and health. Toyota of N Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville, just off I-77. You can also call and make an appointment for routine car service in Charlotte today at (888) 378-1214!