Toyota of N Charlotte provides teen driving safety tips

Watching your teen pull out of the driveway behind the wheel of your N Charlotte Toyota for the first time can be… well, downright terrifying. It’s always tough to see your teen climbing into the driver’s seat, and we know how much stress it can bring to parents! That’s why it’s important to review teen driving safety with your first-timer BEFORE they hit the road. We’re bringing you our best N Charlotte Toyota teen driving safety tips to make your life just a little bit easier! 

Draw up a teen driving safety contract! 

The first thing to do is to lay out the rules of the road when it comes to teen driving safety. You may want to consider drawing up a contract before you let your teen get behind the wheel of your new Toyota near Charlotte. It should outline all of the rules you expect them to follow when they’re driving, as well as the consequences that will occur if they break these rules. This will help to set very clear expectations from the get to! 
So, what types of rules should you include in your teen driving safety contract? Here are some suggestions from our N Charlotte Toyota dealership: 
  • Limit the number of passengers your teen can have in their new Toyota near Charlotte. More passengers means more distractions, so set a number from the beginning. You can raise it as your teen gets more comfortable on the road and more familiar with teen driving safety! 

Toyota of N Charlotte recommends teaching your teen defensive driving! 

  • Teach your teen defensive driving skills! This is a MAJOR part of teen driving safety, because it teaches teens to anticipate emergency situations rather than just reacting when they occur. Defensive driving in their new Toyota near Charlotte can help prevent accidents and collisions and teach your teen to be a safer and more proactive driver overall! 
  • Make sure you teach your teen driver to do away with distractions. This is another major part of N Charlotte Toyota teen driving safety! A big one is the cell phone – texting while driving happens way too often, and it's extremely dangerous for your teen, everyone in their car, and anyone else on the road! Teach your teen to leave their phone out of sight while they're behind the wheel, and to use Bluetooth to take necessary phone calls (like from you). You can even download special apps that will lock your teen's phone while their car is in motion so they can't text or surf the internet! 
  • Make your teen take a teen driving safety course, like driver's ed. Part of being safe behind the wheel of their Toyota near Charlotte means knowing the rules of the road inside and out, so give them the preparation they need before they take on the open road! 
Have questions, want more tips, or looking for a safe N Charlotte Toyota for your teen to drive? Call us today at (888) 883-3797 – we’re open seven days a week!